Why repetition is key

Why repetition is SO important in swimming  You bring your little one to their swimming lesson week after week, and it looks like they are repeating the same […]

4 Things children should know how to do in the water

Taking the children to the beach or pool? Fun! Letting the little ones splash and play is a great way to spend some family time together, […]

A life skill just as important as walking and talking

We all expect our children to grow up to talk and walk well. We should also expect them to swim well. Swimming is one of life’s […]

Good things take time!

We are often asked, “how long will it take for my child to learn to swim?” The answer to this is difficult for two reasons. Firstly, […]

Water Safety Tips

Summer is approaching, the weather is warming up and lots of activities are starting to be planned in and around the water. As part of our […]

Screen time or green time?

Our children these days are bombarded by screens all day and tend to spend lots of time in front of one type of or another whether […]

Getting ready for summer this spring!

Longer days are on their way, and will be filled with sunshine and warm temperatures – this only means one thing: swim season is near! Make […]

Why practice makes perfect

Many of you are watching your little one at swim class, week after week, and thinking it looks like they are doing the same thing without […]

3 key reasons your children should still swim in the winter

You may want to hunker down when the weather turns colder, but your children still can – and should – be swimming at Hilton Brown Swimming in the winter. […]

4 Ways to prepare your child for swimming lessons

Do you remember your first day as a parent? Chances are, it wasn’t long before you realised your transformation into a jack-of-all-trades. From “Executive Nappy Changer” […]

Dog rescues drowning child

A black Labrador Retriever named Bear recently became a major hero when he saved a 14-month-old child from drowning. When the toddler fell into the family […]

Turning tug boats into racing yachts

By Hilton Brown While watching a school swimming competition the other day, I couldn’t help but be horrified by the yawning gap between the kids with […]

When should my child start swimming lessons?

The advice Hilton Brown gives any parent about starting swimming lessons is to “start young”. Under five is the best time to start learning, so that […]

4 Reasons swimming lessons are good for you

At Hilton Brown Swimming, one of the things we love most about our job is seeing all the happy children and families. We LOVE seeing your […]