3 key reasons your children should still swim in the winter

3 key reasons your children should still swim in the winter

You may want to hunker down when the weather turns colder, but your children still can – and should – be swimming at Hilton Brown Swimming in the winter. Here’s why:

  1. Jumper weather is still togs weather at Hilton Brown Swimming

Just because you’re bundling up your children doesn’t mean they need to miss out on swimming! Little ones won’t be shivering since our water temperature is set to 32 degrees, which makes the air temperature on the pool deck nice and warm too!

We have showers and changing rooms, too, so bundling up and getting ready to go home is much more convenient.

  1. To stay on track

When children take a break from swimming during winter, they may have to spend some time reminding their muscles what to do when they jump back in the water.

Repetition is best when learning any skill, including swimming, so continuing lessons through winter helps children stay on track with their improvements and see those extraordinary results.

  1. To keep your children safe

As it’s not summer anytime soon, you might think your children don’t need swim lessons. But many families visit indoor water parks or pools – or even head off on a tropical island getaway!

Swimming is a lifelong, life-saving skill that all children should have – and lessons are important even if a child “knows” how to swim. During each lesson at Hilton Brown Swimming, our instructors teach children to always know how to be safe in and around the water – giving them “lessons for life”.