Hilton Brown Swimming Havelock North


  • Indoor pool purpose-built for lessons
  • Salt chlorinated water
  • Water is heated to 32° for comfort
  • High-tech filtration for excellent water quality


Havelock North Notices

  • Intensive one-to-one lessons available

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Hilton Brown Swimming in Havelock North runs classes every day of the week. We teach all ages, from babies of three months to adults. A special feature of our methods is continual assessment, which means swimmers are promoted to the next stage as soon as they’re ready. Nobody gets bored and everyone works at the most appropriate learning level. Regular feedback keeps parents and caregivers informed of progress.

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Meet the Havelock North Manager – Tina Longley

We are pleased to introduce Tina Longley as the Manager at Havelock North.

Tina began her journey with Hilton Brown Swimming as Assistant Manager and knows the swim school inside and out. She is a fabulous instructor and leader filled with boundless energy and a passion for ensuring that all kiwi children have the key life skill of swimming. If you see Tina around the pool, please do take the time to say hello!

Hilton Brown Havelock North

06 877 7202

15 Donnelly St, Havelock North, Hawkes Bay 4130

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