Adult Swimming Programme

  • Learn to swim for adults who are looking to improve confidence in the water

  • Technique improvement for competent swimmers

  • Fitness squads for regular training

  • Teaching of specific skills, such as turns and new strokes

  • 45 minute weekly lessons available for all levels

Adult Swimming Lessons

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Adult Lessons:

We have a variety of different levels for our adult swimmers
  • Beginner Classes – for those that are not confident in the water. Teaching water confidence, arm strokes and breathing
  • Technique Classes – for those that can swim but need to focus on their technique – especially around breathing
  • Advanced Classes – for those that want to focus on increasing swimming distance whilst still holding a great technique


Examples of poor swimming technique
  • Swimmers poor body positioning causing poor streamlining
  • Swimmer kicking incorrectly, not understanding the motor movement of the exercise
  • Head position too high
  • Swimmer with excessive rotation or not enough rotation
  • Swimmer over thinking their breathing – not relaxed, and therefore forcing the inhalation and exhalation
Benefits of becoming a better swimmer
  • Swim for fitness and enjoy it
  • Go further and faster
  • Have a better chance of survival if you’re into water sports
  • Compete in triathlons and harbour swims

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  • Greg Chapman

    “I have swum at Hilton Brown swimming since it opened in Penrose. During this time I have had the pleasure of being coached by Hilton and most recently Andrew. I Have had many coaches in my life time over many sports. After representing the NZ Army in Waterpolo, Triathlon , Cross country and Soccer, I feel I can recognize a good coach. Andrew is definitely in the class of a great coach. Under his teaching my swimming has improved 1000%. I feel I have improved from a thrasher who couldn't swim particularly well, to being able to do a timed 1 km and look like a swimmer.

    Its great when you can tell that a coach has been through the training that you are doing and is passing on his own experiences. Andrew has the knowledge, patience and right balance of humor to help you reach your goals. He knows when to push you and when to ease off.

    Will always have my seal of approval.

    Greg Chapman