4 Reasons swimming lessons are good for you

4 Reasons swimming lessons are good for you

At Hilton Brown Swimming, one of the things we love most about our job is seeing all the happy children and families. We LOVE seeing your smiling faces and being a part of good, healthy family memories. And more than that, we enjoy being a part of helping children learn to love swimming.

Swimming is a life skill and we want to not only teach your children to be safe in and around the water but also to have a great time.

That’s why, in our very first blog post, we wanted to share these ideas about why we think swim lessons at Hilton Brown Swimming are great for your children! Read on!

  1. Exercise = endorphins

We all know that exercise (like swimming) yields many positive physical benefits, but exercising also helps kids feel good mentally and LOVE life! Physical activity produces endorphins, which bring about positive feelings that help reduce stress, boost self-esteem, improve sleep and increase happiness. That’s another great reason to have kids stay in swimming lessons during winter – to help beat those winter blues by keeping kids moving and releasing those feel-good endorphins!

  1. Friendships with other kids

Anytime there’s an opportunity to be around other kids, your youngsters will benefit from the possibility to make new friendships. If your new swimmer is a bit apprehensive starting swimming lessons (don’t worry, it happens), the other kids who have been there a while can help.

Friendships help kids become more engaged in whatever activity they’re participating in, such as swimming, leading them to be happier and love what they’re doing! Plus, having fun can also aid in seeing those extraordinary results during swimming lessons. Also, it means your kids will LOVE coming to swim class each week! After all, who doesn’t enjoy splashing around with a buddy or two?

  1. Relationships with instructors

Our instructors at Hilton Brown Swimming use integrity, compassion and trust to teach your little ones how to swim, and how to be safe in and around the water. That comes from building relationships with each student. As a result, those relationships build confidence in kids to help them progress and improve their swim skills.

We want your children to have a wonderful experience every week, and to LOVE being at swim class.

  1. Pride in oneself

One of the most important aspects of growing up is being able to feel PROUD of yourself – and swimming at Hilton Brown Swimming allows kids to be proud of themselves in seeing their accomplishments every week. Not only will they learn how to swim, but they will witness progress and understand how they can do anything they put their minds to (like meeting the next skill or advancing to the next level!).

Plus, for kids who really love swimming and want to be part of a swim team, Hilton Brown Swimming mini squad provides a fun environment for some friendly competition.

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