When should my child start swimming lessons?

When should my child start swimming lessons?

The advice Hilton Brown gives any parent about starting swimming lessons is to “start young”. Under five is the best time to start learning, so that by age eight all the key components are in place – body position, head position, streamlining and breathing technique.

Swimming lessons will help build your child’s confidence as they face new and difficult tasks in their learning environments. For young children, learning is a constant process. Every day they are learning new things about the world and their abilities. And this only increases when they go to school.

So by having a regular activity like swimming lessons, it can help balance out any perceived failures by providing them with a ‘comfort zone’ in the pool where they feel capable.

“We offer all new customers a free trial lesson, so we can see what’s needed in the way of coaching”, says Hilton. “Our lessons are structured so that children are taught at the right level – not too easy, not too hard. We promote them to the next level as soon as they’re ready, so they can make progress at their own pace and they feel good about it at the same time.”

If you’re keen for your child to become more confident both in and out of the water, book in for a free assessment at your nearest Hilton Brown Swimming centre.