Infant and Baby Swimming Programme

  • 30-minute classes

  • Classes teach confidence in the water

  • Each child has an adult partner (parent, family member or caregiver) in the water with them.

Classes split into three groups:

Young Tadpoles: Free lessons for 3 to 6 months*

Tadpoles: 3 to 18 months

Frogs: 18 months to 3 years

*PLEASE NOTE: You cannot book our Young Tadpole classes online. As these are free lessons and there is usually a waitlist at each facility, you need to contact the facility you are interested in directly either via email or phone and they can help you with this process. 

Infants Overview

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About Infant and Baby Swimming Lessons:

One-to-one fun in the pool

Our infants and baby swimming programme helps babies and small children to become confident in water. It’s also fantastic fun – games, songs and entertaining activities make every moment enjoyable. Each child has an adult partner in the water with them – a parent, family member or caregiver. This person learns how to hold, move and submerge the child safely. Water activity is proven to help with cognitive and motor skills development; it’s also a great way to build the bond between child and parent.

Basic water skills

Initially children learn how to be happy in and under the water. As they progress they learn how to safely enter and exit the pool, kick, turn around, roll onto their backs to float and swim back to the side. The emphasis is on basic water skills that prepare the way for learning how to swim.

Experienced teachers

Every Hilton Brown swimming instructor working with babies and small children has received special training to ensure lessons are safe and fun. Our unique teaching methods are the result of years of experience – we know what works.

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  • Hannah Wynne

    “Both our children have been swimming with Hilton Brown since they were about 3 months old. They have learnt some great skills that make their swimming very precise, and they also have fun doing it. Both look forward to their swimming times and would never like to miss a lesson.”

    Hannah Wynne
  • Debs

    “I think Hilton Brown is a fantastic facility with fantastic staff.  They are all willing to help and make things as easy as possible for you.  The swimming lessons are awesome, both for the babies and the pre-schoolers.  The baby class is great for building water confidence and general enjoyment of being in the water, splashing, going under and also a basic introduction of water safety. My two both loved their baby classes and they gave me the confidence that should they ever fall in somewhere, they wouldn't panic and would instinctively try to reach for the side or get to the surface, buying me time.”