Hilton Brown Swimming Child Protection Policy

Hilton Brown Swimming wants all our students to feel safe and have a good experience when they swim with us. We recognize our responsibility to protect the health and welfare of our students. Hilton Brown Swimming supports and respects all our children, young people, staff, trainees, and caregivers.

It is the responsibility of everyone in our organisation to ensure the safety and protection of children in our programme. If anyone has concerns about a child’s safety they have a duty to raise their concerns with their supervisor and / or manager.

Responsibilities of our Instructors

  • It is a priority to ensure the safety and wellbeing of our students whilst in the care of our staff. We use our core values of communication and empathy to navigate this.
  • Our core value of communication, listen first and then respond, allows an open line of conversation between staff and students.
  • Having empathy towards our swimmers not only helps to build relationships but ensures our swimmers are treated fairly and with respect.
  • Instructors are never in a one-on-one situation with our swimmers in a secluded location, regardless of age or gender.

Responsibilities of our Supervisors & Front of House

  • Listen to any concerns and complaints from parents regarding inappropriate behaviour and pass it onto management. This is handled in a professional manner with discretion and confidentially.
  • Never share information from a student’s account without expressed permission from the parent or caregiver of that child.
  • Supervisors only – support the instructors throughout their shift to provide safe lessons.

Responsibilities of our Managers

  • Ensure each staff member has had a police check.
  • Ensure every staff member has fully completed the Hilton Brown Swimming training programme before they teach their own classes.
  • Follow procedures and take appropriate actions to deal with any concerns or complaints regarding child safety, as passed on by supervisors, front of house or customers.