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More New Zealanders have learned to swim with Hilton Brown Swimming than any other swim school in the country.

Since 1973, Hilton and his team have been dedicated to the essential task of helping people of all ages to become confident, competent swimmers who look great in the water.

Hilton represented New Zealand at the Commonwealth Games in Jamaica in 1966, where he enjoyed success in the 220 yard backstroke and earned a bronze medal in the medley relay. In 1969 he found himself in South Africa, where he set up and ran a learn-to-swim program in Johannesburg for three years. When Hilton returned to New Zealand in 1973 he put his swim school experience to work in Auckland and established his first learn-to-swim program.

Today Hilton Brown Swimming operates eight swim schools throughout the upper North Island, and during our 40+ years of operation we estimate that we’ve taught more than two million lessons. Right now we’re teaching the children and grandchildren of the children we taught back in the 1970s. And in 20 years’ time, we’ll be teaching their children and grandchildren.