• Monitor your child’s progression: Track what level your child is in and see which skills your child needs to progress to the next level.
  • Understand skill requirements: Find out which skills are required at each different level in the program.
  • Receive feedback following assessments: Receive notifications and certificates via email after your child has been assessed.

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SwimDesk is an online ‘Parent Portal’ that allows you to follow the progress of your child’s swimming lessons. SwimDesk allows excellent communication and detailed feedback regarding your child’s progression with our learn to swim programme. You can login to the ‘Parent Portal’ to:
• Track and monitor your child’s progression.
• Understand the requirements to progress to the next level.
• Receive feedback following assessments.
Based on each evaluation completed by Hilton Brown Swimming, a competency summary will be created for you which outlines the key swimming and water safety skills that your child has successfully acquired as well as areas of their skills that need further development.

Log into your SwimDesk account here.
You can view your account on any computer or smart phone. If you are using a smart phone you may wish to save the URL link to your phones home screen as this will create a short cut that you can use to access the site every time you wish to log in. Your unique login and password is provided to you via email.

You can see:
• What level your child is in.
• What your child’s teachers name is.
• What skills your child needs to progress to the next level.
• The different levels in the programme.
• Competency summary once your child is assessed.

Your child is assessed by the pool deck supervisor in conjunction with your child’s teacher. Once your child has been assessed you will receive an email advising you a competency progression is available to view in the Parent Portal. This competency summary will show whether your child has progressed to the next level or still needs to work on some skills.

• Children swimming in our infants programme.
• Any stroke programme.
• Adults, as these are age based programmes.
• Privates lessons as these are tailored to individuals.

If you have any queries please speak to the supervisor, assistant manager or the pool manager, they are experts in our programme.

Certificates should be given out when your child moves up a class. Please ask at reception if you have not received one. Alternatively you can print one off at home via the parent portal.

Assessment time frames will vary but your child should be assessed every 6 – 12 weeks. If you have any queries about the time frame please speak to the supervisor or pool manager.

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