Hilton Brown Swimming Albany


  • Indoor pool purpose-built for lessons
  • Water is heated to 32° for comfort
  • High-tech filtration for excellent water quality
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Albany Notices

    • If your child is in a Stroke 50 or above class and would like the opportunity to experience swimming in an Olympic sized 50m pool, and to put their skills into practice over a longer distance they can attend an extra swimming lesson at our Newmarket pool, Sunday 30 July. The sessions run for half an hour, at a cost of $10. The time of the lesson is either at 11.00am in a stroke 50/100 class or 11.30am in a stroke 200/400 squad class. Please enquire at reception if you’d like more information.
    • We would like to remind everyone that children are only allowed in the pool during their lesson – they are not allowed in for a ‘quick play’ before or after their lesson.  It can be very distracting for the other children having their lessons as well as for the teachers, and is also a major safety risk. Children need constant supervision around water, young children are especially at risk — infants, toddlers, and weak swimmers should always have an adult swimmer within arm’s reach.
    • There is a ‘family swim session’ for swimmers and their immediate family members every Saturday and Sunday between 1pm – 2pm at a cost of $2 per swimmer.

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Hilton Brown Swimming in Albany runs classes every day of the week. We teach all ages, from babies of three months to adults. A special feature of our methods is continual assessment, which means swimmers are promoted to the next stage as soon as they’re ready. Nobody gets bored and everyone works at the most appropriate learning level. Regular feedback keeps parents and caregivers informed of progress.

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Meet the Albany Manager – Lena Shepherd


      • Lena was born in Odessa in the Ukraine and was a competitive swimmer from the age of 10 to 21.
      • Her number 1 stroke was backstroke with a personal best time of 1.07.12 for 100m and 32s for 50m, making Lena ranked 1st in her age group.
      • She studied engineering at university for 5 years and then worked in a TV station for another 5 years as an engineer.
      • Lena came to NZ in 2000, joined the Hilton Brown team in 2001 and taught part time for 9 years.
      • She took on the position of assistant manager in March 2010, and the role of manager in 2012.

Hilton Brown Albany

09 414 5484

Volkner Place, Rosedale,
Auckland 0632


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