Hilton Brown Swimming has been successfully teaching New Zealanders how to swim since 1973. Today we’re teaching the children of the children we taught back then. Our focus is equally on fun and technique.

The teaching methods we use have been continuously fine-tuned since our founder, Hilton Brown, left the world of international competitive swimming to establish his swim school. Each one of our teachers has undergone a rigorous 30-hour training programme to qualify as a Hilton Brown swim instructor.

A point of difference for our swim classes is a continual review progress that celebrates success and promotes children to the next level as soon as they’re ready to move up. This speeds their journey to becoming competent, technically-correct swimmers.

Hilton Brown isn’t just for children. We run fitness squads and coaching programmes for adults as well.

Hilton Brown Swimming’s instructor training receives official recognition

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Lauren Boyle talking to our swimmers

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Havelock North Customers

Havelock North Customers: As you will be aware our pool has been closed as a precautionary measure over the last couple of days. After consultation with the District Health Board and Local Council,we are pleased to confirm that lessons will recommence from 3pm this afternoon.

If you are attending lessons:

* Please adhere to the 2 weekrule as stated by the Local District Health Board, if you have been unwell.Make-up lessons will be given accordingly.
* Please shower before your swimming lesson.

If you have any concerns at all, please don’t hesitate to contact us on either 06-8777202 or email havelocknorth@hiltonbrownswimming.co.nz.

We look forward to seeing you back at thepool soon.


Karen and the Havelock North Team