Slide Newmarket swimming lessons, Hi;ton Brown Swimming Newmarket: Pricing and T&C’s Information listed below is based at Hilton Brown Newmarket.

Newmarket Pricing Information

Pricing as at 1 February 2021

Fees are calculated on a cost of $22.25 per lesson (based on number of lessons booked per calendar month, not attendance) and charged on a monthly basis. All fees include GST.

Number of students swimming once/week

Direct Debit Fee
4 Week Month

Direct Debit Fee
5 Week Month

One family member



2nd member of the family or 2nd lesson/week

$80.10 (10% Disc)

$100.13 (10% Disc)

3rd family member or 3rd lesson/week

$75.65 (15% Disc)

$94.56 (15% Disc)

Fourth member of the immediate family

Swims for Free

Swims for Free

5th family member

$75.65 (15% Disc)

$94.56 (15% Disc)

dotted line

Important Information:

• Fees are paid by Direct Debit and processed on the 1st of the month.
• The monthly fee covers your space in one lesson per week for a calendar month.
• Lessons missed must be paid for and a credit is not given for missed lessons. However, if we are notified of sickness (by either phone or email) before the start of the class, one make up lesson per month may be offered. (See “Make Up Lessons” below).
• We do not issue refunds.
• Should fees remain unpaid the booking will be cancelled.
• Notification of cancellation needs to be in writing (see ‘Cancellation Policy” below).

Payment by Direct Debit

• No minimum term or contract.
• Easy check in through reception to lessons.
• Enjoy the peace of mind knowing that your fees are always up to date and that your space in the programme is secure.
• Your booking is confirmed monthly and will automatically roll over the next month unless you contact us to cancel.
• The Direct Debit form must be completed online through the customer booking portal or at reception before the first lesson.

• If you wish to cancel your booking and stop the Direct Debit payment you need to send an email to reception by the 25th of the month before the cancellation is needed e.g. email is needed by June 25th to cancel for July.
• Your Direct Debit details are kept in our system, for easy sign up on return. Let us know in writing via email if you would prefer these details to be deleted from our system.
• Failure to cancel will result in the full month being charged.
• No refunds will be given if cancellation notice has not been given in writing, as stated above.
• Email address for cancellation:

• All lessons continue through the school holidays. We do however close on public holidays and at Christmas and fees are adjusted accordingly when the facility is closed.
• Minimum ratios per class apply. Should class numbers fall below minimum ratios the lesson time may be rescheduled.

• Make up lessons may be claimed if we have been notified in advance, the booking is current and if fees are paid in full.
• We cannot guarantee the availability of make up lessons. They will only be provided if there are spaces available in the appropriate class.
• One make up lesson per month (per booking) may be offered for the following circumstances:
o For sickness OR
o For absence during the school holidays
• Make up lessons must be taken within one month of the date of absence and can only be booked one day in advance.
• Make up lessons will not necessarily be with the original instructor.
• Make up lessons can only be booked after the date of absence.
• Credit is not available as an alternative.
• Make up classes cannot be rescheduled once booked and if missed cannot be booked again.
• Make up lessons may not be transferred to another family member.

• Appropriate swimwear to be worn by all swimmers. (We do not recommend large rashshirts and baggy shorts as this restricts movement and can hinder swim progression)
• Infants and young children must wear close fitting swim pants to prevent accidents occurring in the pool. We recommend “Little Toggs”.
• All swimmers require goggles and a cap which can be fitted for your child.
• For your convenience we have a selection of quality goggles and swim caps available at reception for purchase.

• Please note that due to demand, the availability of private lessons may be limited.
• Pre-school, school-age and adults 30minutes $60
• A discount on private lessons for students with special needs may be granted at the discretion of the Manager.
• For more information on private lessons, please ask at reception.
• 24hrs is required for cancellation, otherwise you will be charged for the booking.

  • Customers will be removed from the waitlist after 2 invites have been declined.
  • Customers will be removed from the waitlist after 3 months, if an invite has been sent and not accepted in that time.