Covid Update

Our Chartwell, Havelock North and Palmerston North facilities will be open from Wednesday 8 September 2021. All classes will be running but operating under the new Level 2 Delta guidelines. Our Auckland facilities remain closed until we return to Level 2.

Please see below for our updated Level 2 Delta guidelines

Contact Tracing:

  • Mandatory record keeping comes into effect from 11:59 pm on 7 September 2021.
  • We will ensure that the government NZ COVID Tracer QR code is displayed in multiple places at all our facilities, please ensure that you use this.
  • We will also be using our booking system (which you know as your Customer Portal) to assist with contact tracing requirements.
  • Our instructors and supervisors will be checking students into their classes using tablets at the beginning of each lesson. Please DO NOT check in via our team at reception or on the check-in screens.
  • You can now check-in yourself on a device using your Customer Portal. It is quick and simple.

Face Coverings:

  • The government has stated that “Employees working at indoor public facilities legally must wear a face covering — except for at a swimming pool.” All our staff in our reception areas will be wearing face coverings but our instructors and supervisors in the pool areas will not (unless they wish to).
  • The Covid-19 website states “you legally must wear a face covering when visiting an indoor public facility — except for when you are exercising.” We ask that all our caregivers attending lessons please wear a face mask in our reception areas unless you are you are medically unable to do so (you are not required to wear a face mask in a pool hall).

Physical Distancing:

  • Please practise social distancing from others in the building. “You legally must keep 2 metres physical distance from people you do not know.” We will have posters and signage reminding people of this and some seats/areas may be closed off.
  • The government has stated that “Students and teachers do not need to physically distance.” In order to ensure our swimmers are safe in the water our instructors will not be physically distancing themselves when taking lessons.
  • Our changing rooms will remain open, but we ask that you shower and change at home rather than at our facilities where possible.
  • We will not be able to allow customers to try on goggles before buying or to use our spare googles and caps until further notice.


  • To comply with the government mandate of keeping 2m apart, we will be monitoring numbers in our pool areas and if we approach 90 people, we will ask people to wait before entering until others leave.
  • Only one caregiver is to accompany children to lessons. We will be monitoring this and ask people to remain outside if necessary.
  • If you are a caregiver of an older child, we ask that after check-in you consider waiting outside of our location for your child to finish lessons rather than in the complex itself.

Changes to Lessons:

  • Our instructors will refrain from high fiving children.
  • Our staff will practice physical distancing where practical. If a child needs hands on assistance for reasons of safety, we will provide them with that. If a child needs hands on correction, we will do so in a safe manner.
  • There will be no use of toys during lessons, but kickboards and finger floats will still be used.
  • In our Infant classes our instructors will run the lesson as a circuit, splitting split the class into smaller groups that will stay together for the duration of the lesson (unless the class has five or less).


  • We will be upping our cleaning schedules during this time and ensuring regular cleaning of all surfaces.
  • If you are attending infant lessons and are changing your little ones on our change mats, please place a towel or blanket on the surface before doing so.
  • Please ensure that you continue to follow Ministry of Health guidelines and wash hands regularly and follow good hygiene practices.